Huile d’argan Cosmétique Aromatisée

Riche en Oméga 6 et en vitamine E, l’huile d’argan lutte naturellement et efficacement contre le vieillissement et les sécheresses corporelles. Son pouvoir hydratant et antioxydant compense la dénutrition de la peau. Grâce à son parfum revitalisant, il aromatise le corps et les cheveux.

Divers Parfums : Fleur d’oranger, fleur oriental, musc, oud et rose.

Contenance : 

  • 50ml – 1.7 oz


Natural Cosmetic Pure Argan oil

Rich in Omega 6 and vitamin E, 100% natural argan oil fights naturally and
effectively against aging and body dryness. Its hydrating and antioxidant power
compensates for the under nutrition of the skin.

Capacity : 

  • 30ml – 1.01 oz
  • 50ml – 1.7 oz
  • 100ml – 3.4 oz


Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Pure 100% natural treasure, an exceptional anti-wrinkle that will help you fight skin
aging. Has a powerful regenerating and restructuring action on the skin of the face
and neck.

Capacity : 

  • 15ml – 0.51 oz
  • 30ml – 1.01 oz


Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil

Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil Known for her actions soothing and soothing on irritated
and dry skin. We use it for chapping of breasts and hands. Restorative, this oil can
be used on all skin types.

Capacity : 60ml – 5,64 oz


Coconut Vegetable Oil

Very appreciated for its protective, softening and emollient properties on the skin, it
has a lipid-replenishing action and is very easily absorbed by the skin. It gives the
epidermis a smooth appearance and gives the hair shine.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Avocado Vegetable Oil

Obtained from avocado pulp, it is an excellent anti-aging oil with exceptional
penetrating properties. It will be applied with essential oils on dry skin.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil

Extracted from apricot kernels, this oil is known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating
effect on all skin types. It is an excellent base for blends of essential oils.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Sesame Vegetable Oil

This oil is rich in essential fatty acids important for maintaining the integrity of the
skin tissue. It is restructuring, allows better hydration of the skin without leaving a
greasy film.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Jojoba Vegetable Oil

Calming and softening, it easily penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.
It protects the skin against dehydration and wrinkles. Ideal for massages, it can be
applied to all skin types.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Castor Vegetable Oil

This oil is used externally to strengthen nails, hair and eyelashes. Perfect for treating
dry, devitalized, split, brittle or frizzy hair, it would also promote its growth

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


Nigella vegetable oil

Recognized for its soothing properties, it works wonders in the treatment of irritated
skin or in massage oils, restorative, cleansing and antioxidant; it fights against
damage linked to free radicals and thus fights against the signs of skin aging.
Nourishing and regenerating, it restores suppleness and softness to the skin.

Capacity : 60ml – 3,4 oz


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