Red Clay Body Scrub

A nourishing and softening scrub that regulates excess sebum, removes impurities,
regenerates dead cells and improves blood circulation.

Capacity : 250g – 8,82 oz


Flavoured Black Soap

Indispensable to the traditional Hammam ritual. Washes, softens, nourishes, purifies
and prepares for exfoliation of the skin. More effective when using the Argalista
glove (kessa).
Various Perfumes: orange blossom, eucalyptus, rosemary, verbena, oud, nila, seqla,ouadae, chocolate, akker fassi and charcoal.

Capacity :

  • 250g – 8,82 oz
  • 500g – 17,64 oz


Shower Gel Flavored

Smooth gel based on argan oil and provitamin B5 regenerates the skin and maintains
the balance of its natural hydration. It allows a gentle cleansing of the body.
Various Perfumes: Orange blossom, jasmine, grapefruit, verbena, green tea, oud, paradise fruit, aloe vera and eucalyptus

Capacity :

  • 300ml – 10.14 oz
  • 500ml – 16,9 oz


Curcuma and Sugar Care Scrub

This natural formula gently exfoliates the skin thanks to the sugar seeds that melt
gently during circular massages. Optimal hydration which makes the skin of the face
and body more supple, soft, hydrated, healthy and luminous.

Capacity: 200g – 7.05 oz


Green Clay body Scrub

Generating and revitalizing scrub which regulates the excess of sebum, eliminates
impurities and improves circulation while bringing softness to the body.

Capacity: 250g – 8,82 oz


Coffee Scrub

Rich in caffeine, it not only softens the skin, eliminates dead skin but also erases
cellulite. Caffeine promotes tissue decongestion, stimulates drainage and improves
fat burning. This scrub based on coffee and vegetable oils allows both exfoliate and
moisturize the skin.

Capacity: 250g – 8,82 oz


Cocoa Scrub

Exfoliant scrub with cocoa powder with a delicious texture. Provides optimal
hydration, nourishes and softens the skin.

Capacity : 250g – 8,82 oz


Henne Flavored

Henna is a very good tonic for the skin and for the hair. It plays an antiseptic,
antifungal role, similarly it is used on the hair both to give it shine, and to clean it
mainly against dandruff.
Various Scents: with plants, orange blossom, honey, verbena, mint and nila.

Capacity : 150g – 5,3 oz



Sugar Body Scrub

A voluptuous and effective exfoliating treatment full of sugar crystals. Stimulates cell
of the epidermis and lightens the skin effectively

Capacity : 250g – 8,82 oz.


Foaming Gel

Soft and creamy foam that removes impurities for clear, fresh and hydrated skin. To
use in the hammam or in the shower. Designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Capacity : 200ml – 6.76 oz


Exotic Shower Gel

Soft and creamy foam that removes impurities for clear, fresh and hydrated skin.
Designed specially for sensitive skin.

Capacity: 200ml – 6,76 oz


White Clay

Very soft, it is ideal for dry and delicate skin. Recognized for its purifying, sanitizing,
decongestant, soothing and anti stains properties.

Capacity : 200g – 7,05 oz


Ghassoul Cream

Thanks to its high absorbency, ghassoul plays various roles in relaxation, purification,
improvement of the peripheral circulation of the skin and scalp.
Various Scents: Rose, orange blossom and rosemary.

Capacity :

  • 150g – 5,3 oz.
  • 300g – 10,58 oz

Argalista Glove

Gently exfoliates and essential for a deep exfoliation of the epidermis, the blood
circulation is activated. It revitalizes and energizes the skin thanks to its high
exfoliating quality. It is used in all hammams associated with Argalista black soap.
Superior quality.
Varios colors.

Oriental Body Scrub

A gentle and effective treatment that exfoliates, purifies and deeply cleanses the skin
while stimulating cell regeneration.

Capacity: 250g – 8,82 oz.


Clay Powder

Ghassoul from Morocco natural care enriched with lavender flower, Damask rose,
Rosemary, Thyme, Myrtle, chamomile, seaweed. Ghassoul purifies the skin, it
absorbs excess sebum, tightens pores and gently removes dead cells.

Capacity : 250g – 8,82 oz


Bath Salt flavored

This Bath Salt dissolves quickly in the bath and provides a moment of well-being and
relaxation for body and mind.
Various Perfumes: Lavender, rose, eucalyptus.

 Capacity: 250g – 8,82 oz.

Poppy Body Scrub

A delicious and fresh scrub, with purifying and firming properties, leaves skin more
silky, more elastic, firmer and scented for a feeling of real well-being.

Capacity: 250g – 8,82 oz

Black Soap Scrub

The scrub with black soap and argan oil has the particularity of having exfoliating
and moisturizing properties at the same time. An inevitable hammam treatment
when you want to take care of the skin and rid it of dead cells.

Capacity: 250ml – 8,45 oz.

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