Radiance Day Cream

Nourishing and moisturizing cream for face and neck. Let your face soft and very hydrated, makes it radiant and shiny.

Capacity : 50g- 1.76 oz


Collagene Cream

Anti-wrinkle, firming and smoothing, this cream promotes the regeneration of skin tissues and slows down the natural aging process. Collagen en-sures the cohesion and elasticity of the skin and also helps to smooth and moisturize the skin.

Capacity : 50g- 1.76 oz


Lightening Cream

This smooth cream sublimates the radiance of the face, correct stains and prevent their appearance.

Capacity : 50g- 1.76 oz


Poppy Powder Face Exfoliating

Rich with poppy powder (Akerfassi) and honey, this product has a moisturizing, softening, shining and anti-wrinkle properties.

Capacity : 200ml – 6.76 oz


Orange tree Flower water

Recognized for these regenerating, brightening properties. It restores radiance and light to the complexion. A gentle natural tonic that gently soothes and refreshes the skin.

Capacity : 125ml – 4.23 oz


Rose Water

Avec des vertus regénérantes, antibactériennes et cicatrisantes, cette eau nettoie la peau en profondeur, hydrate, combat les rides efficacement, gomme les yeux gonflés et ressert les pores du visage.

Capacity : 125ml – 4.23 oz


Day and Night Cream

A moisturizing and complete care, very practical for trip. This duo is composed of a care of day and night with high performance,hydrate intensely the skin and help to illuminates your face.

Capacity : 15g – 1,06 oz


Purifying Exfolianting Face Mask

EL WEDAA the pearl of the Moroccan Sahara cleans deeply the skin, eliminates stains, scars and redness.

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz


Nila Anti-Aging Mask

Unique royal blue formula. Softening, cleansing, nourishing and which gives a radiance to the face. Helps to lighten, cleanse and purify the skin especially dark and rough areas such as knees and elbows. Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Capacity: 250g – 8.82 oz


Night Cream

Repairs, nourishes and restructures the face skin. An excellent anti-wrinkles and antioxidant cream.

Capacity : 50g – 1.76 oz


Purifying Mask with Green Clay


A real source of well-being for oily skin, this green clay mask cleanses your face with infinite softness and delicately absorbs oil excess.

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz


Purifying Mask with Red Clay


A mask for normal to dry skin, illuminates and revitalizes tired skin. Very nourishing for dry skin.

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz


Charcoal Detox Mask


A natural mask with purifying, absorbing and cleaning properties. Allows you to hydrate, nourish, purify and regenerate your skin while deeply detoxifying it. Eliminates acne, blackheads, blemishes, stubborn spots, excess sebum and reduces
the effects of pollution to make your skin look younger, smooth and healthy. Recommended for acne, mixed and oily skin.

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz


Prickly Pear Scrub

A scrub rich in prickly pear seed that eliminates dead cells and stimulates the
regeneration of new facial cells.

Capacity: 160ml – 5,64 oz


Make up Remover

Cleanses and removes make-up and impurities perfectly and helps to close the pores. All skin types

Capacity: 100ml – 3,4 oz

Capacity : 50ml – 1,7 oz


Anti-Aging Serum

Supreme Regenerating Care that helps to fight against the signs of aging and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, it
improves the protection of your skin and reduces its pores to make firm, smooth and radiant.

Capacity: 30ml – 1.05 oz


Eye Care

Nourishes and protects delicate and sensitive skin of the eye contour against external aggressions. Prevents and corrects brown spots.

Capacity : 15ml – 0.51 oz


Vitamine E Oil

Excellent moisturizer, make skin and hair look more shiny, used to reduce wrinkles, dryness and marks.

Capacity : 50 ml – 1,7 oz


Radiance Mask

A soft and effective mask that purifies, cleans and makes your skin shiny and soft.

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz



Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

Creamy gel rich in pieces of sweet argan shells that removes all impurities while respecting skin sensitivity and deep cleanses for clean, fresh and radiant skin.

Capacity : 200ml – 6,76 oz


Three Clay Face Scrub

Mixture of white, green and red clay this scrub removes toxins from the epidermis, removes dead skin and makes the skin clearer. An excellent anti-wrinkle that cleanses and purifies the face.

Capacity: 200g – 8.82 oz


Exfoliant Mud

A purifying care, revitalizing, softening and remineralizing face scrub, that helps to eliminate toxins and impurities

Capacity : 140g – 4,94 oz


Exfoliating Face Gel

An exfoliating gel that removes dead cells from your skin and helps reduce sebum
excess to purify, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Recommended for all skin types, especially oily skins.

Various flavors: Strawberry, peach, neutral and lemon.

Capacity : 160ml- 5.7 oz


lips Scrub

An Exfoliant that gently nourishes the lips, removes dead cells and makes lips soft and moisturized.

Various flavors :honey, chocolate and vanilla.

Capacity: 30g – 1,06 oz


Oriental  Scrub

An effective whitening for elbows, knees and sensitive area, deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates and regenerates your cells.  Maintains skin health and softness.

Various flavors: Eucalyptus, orange blossom 

Capacity : 250g – 8,82 oz.

Lips Balm

A balm with an irresistible flavor, rich in shea butter. This natural care nourishes and softens the lips specially dry ones.

Various flavors :  honey, fruits of paradise, chocolate and orange

Capacity: 15g – 0.53 oz


Anti-Acne Care Cream

A complete treatment to protect and revitalize your skin on a daily basis, without parabens or ingredients of animal origin.

Capacity : 45 g – 1,6 oz


Neutral or Rose Argan Cream

A complete treatment to protect and revitalize your skin on a daily basis, without parabens or ingredients of animal origin.

Capacity: 50g – 1.76 oz


Natural Teeth Whitening

Whitens, purifies and helps restore teeth shine. Peppermint and Souak essential oil helps sanitize the mouth, maintain perfect oral hygiene and fresh breath throughout the day. Protects the gums of cigarettes, food and drinks (coffee, tea …) which alter
the color and health of your teeth.

Capacity : 60 g – 2,12 oz


Rose Make up Remover

For all skin types, even the most sensitive. Gently removes impurities for clear, supple and luminous skin.

Capacity : 50ml – 1,7 oz


Prickly Pear Mask

A deep wrinkle treatment, enriched with pure prickly pear seed oil Nourishes the skin, regenerates the epidermis and restores radiance to the complexion.

Capacity : 50g – 1.76 oz


Flavored Duo Argan Cream and Soap

A practical duo made up of face and body kits that protect and revitalize your skin on a daily basis while providing it with
softness and radiance while flavoring it.

Various flavors : Coconut, apple,vanilla, strawberry, mint banana and apricot..

Micellar solution

It allows to gently remove makeup, eliminating the pigments present in make-up products. Also remove the mascaras used on the eye area, lips, to cleanse impurities dust present on the skin. To soothe irritated or dry skin. Perfectly suited as a daily hygiene gesture.

Capacity: 500ml

Facial Exfoliating Gel

Purifying scrub that cleanses your skin deeply. Thanks to the combined action of argan and shea butter, this gel moisturizes and nourishes your skin.Vitamins; A.B.C and E as well as minerals and enzymes in aloevera are excellent anti-wrinklesand a powerful healing.

Capacity: 200g – 7.05 oz

Seqla Lightening Face and Body Mask

Eliminates the blackheads, excess oil and clears the skin. Directions : Apply the mask to your skin, let it act for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water with circular movements.

Capacity: 250g – 8.82 oz

Curcuma Mask

Help to fights acne and blackheads, prevents skin aging, reduces the pigmentation of the skin and redness.

Capacity: 200g – 7.05 oz

Face Kit with Soaps

Enriched with Argan soap, it helps eliminate dead cells and to find a clear skin. Various Colors and Fragrances


Oral health care used as a toothbrush, it has antibacterial properties, contains fluoride, vitamin C and strengthens the gums.

Capacity: 40g – 1,4 oz


Highlight of beauty, the kohl is a mineral powder used as a health product and beauty, substance antimicrobial, it has cleansing and eye protectors virtues.

Capacity : 7g – 0,24 oz


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