Revitalizing antihairloss Shampoo Touareg

A shampoo enriched with argan oil and nigella which nourishes the hair makes it
more fortified and restores its shine.

Capacity : 50g- 1.76 oz


Touareg Massage Oil

Formulated with argan oil to relax the body, soothe the mind and nourish the
epidermis. The skin is supple, soft and delicately scented, with a pleasant texture
which easily penetrates the skin.

Capacity : 100ml – 3.4 oz


Natural Deodorant Touareg

An exceptional active ingredient, perfect and natural for long-lasting, pure and clear
skin. Prevents the formation of body odors by inhibiting the bacteria responsible for
them, regulates the secretion of sweat by slightly tightening the pores of the skin,
without completely blocking them.

Capacity : 50ml – 1,6 oz


After Shave Lotion Touareg

An after shave lotion with a masculine scent that soothes and tones the epidermis.
Calms the razor burn, leaves the face soft, supple and delicately scented.

Capacity: 50ml – 1.7 oz


Touareg Shower Gel

Creamy gel based on argan oil and provitamin B5 regenerates the skin and maintains the balance of its natural hydration. It allows a gentle cleansing of the body.

Capacity: 300ml – 10,14 oz.


Touareg Exfoliating Cleansing Gel


Creamy gel rich in pieces of soft argan shells that remove all impurities while respecting skin sensitivity and cleanses deeply for clean, fresh and radiant skin.

Capacity : 300ml – 10,14 oz.


Touareg Shaving Soap

Optimally prepares your skin and beard for a soft and careful shave. This scented soap with masculine scents is light and respects the pH of the skin. Apply with a brush. To rinse.

Capacity: 100g – 3,53 oz


Touareg Deodorant Cream

Deodorant cream rich in natural ingredients which prevents the development of
bacteria and bad smells and leaves a pleasant and fresh smell for 24 hours.

Capacity : 50ml – 1,7 oz



Styling Cream Anti Fall

With a creamy texture that is both light and melting, the hair styling cream revitalizes
brittle and dry hair,
preventing their falls thanks to its hydration and the repair of split ends. An ideal
formula for gently sculpting a hairstyle.

Capacity:  100ml – 3.4 oz


Touareg Argan Cream

An argan cream with a subtle and refined scent of touareg revitalizes the skin,
restores elasticity, reduces shallow wrinkles, helps fight skin aging and sagging skin
while preserving it against external aggressions .

Capacity: 50g – 1.76 oz


Beard Oil

Nourishes, hydrates and protects the beard and also allows faster growth while
giving it shine and softness. This oil also treats your skin by preventing the formation
of dandruff and combats itching. An excellent anti acne.

Coapacity : 50ml – 1.7 oz


Revitalising Hair Care Touareg

A repairing hair care product that has been formulated to provide essential nutrients
to tired, very dry and damaged hair. Thanks to its specific and targeted active
ingredients, this treatment strengthens the hair fibers, restructures the hair and
makes it shiny.

Capacity: 50ml – 1.7 oz


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