Normal Hair Shampoo

It acts in depth on the scalp and on the hair, provides long-term care, hydration,
protection and restructuring. The results are visible from the first applications, the
hair remains soft, shiny and their vitality and flexibility improve significantly.

Capacity :  200ml – 6,76 oz


Oily Hair Shampoo

Gently cleanses, nourishes and leaves hair silky without weighing it down, for a soft
and shiny result. Enriched with argan oil and essential oils, it regulates excess
sebum. This shampoo has a creamy texture and a pleasantly scented scent.
Recommended for gently washing greasy hair, it gives lightness and suppleness.

Capacity :  200ml – 6,76 oz


Dry Hair Shampoo

Dry and dull hair finally revived, a combination of argan oil and mango butter that
revives dry and dull hair. Its soft base, delicately scented and associated with
nourishing properties, facilitates styling and restores shine to your hair by bringing it
suppleness, volume, shine and cleanliness.

Capacity : 200ml – 6,76 oz


Revitalizing Anti-hairloss Shampoo

A gentle, revitalizing shampoo that improves the condition of sebum and the
appearance of the hair shaft. Recommended for hair loss.

Capacity:  200ml – 6,76 oz


Keratine Shampoo (Sulfate Free)

It gently cleanses the hair and provides the right amount of care without weighing it
down. Its sulfate-free formula respects fibers sensitized by smoothing and coloring.

Capacity: 250ml – 8.8 oz


Collagen Shampoo

Helps limit irritation of the scalp, respects the hair fiber, sheaths the hair and repairs it. Enriched with collagen, it has a smoothing, hydrating power and repairs the hair fiber, sheathing the cuticle and maximizing the volume of the hair, which quickly regains suppleness, density and luminosity. Ideal for colored, curly, damaged, fine and dull hair

Capacty : 250ml – 8.8 oz


Hair Conditioner

Indispensable complement to perfect the care of your hair. Nourishes and revitalizes
the hair root while providing shine, strength, flexibility and softness.

Capacity : 200ml – 6,76 oz


Capillary Oils

  • Dandruff Oil: Regulates sebum production, promotes dandruff reduction and makes
    the scalp clean, healthy and purified.
  • Smoothing Oil: Nourishes, repairs, provides protection against external aggressions,
    preserves shine and shine and smoothes hair without weighing it down.
  • Fortifying Oil: Nourishes and smoothes the hair fiber without weighing it down and
    repairs damaged ends. Provides protection against external aggressions and
    preserves the shine, softness and suppleness of the hair.
  • Anti hair loss revitalizing Oil: Effective against hair loss, promotes hair growth,
    strengthens and enhances hair.

Capacity : 100ml – 3,4 oz


Sérum Cheveux

A serum enriched with argan oil, avocado oil and vitamin E to restructure and
regenerate dry, split, dull or colored hair. They thus find flexibility, softness and

Capacity :  30ml – 1,01 oz



Revitalizing Anti-Hairloss Serum

This serum based on rosemary essential oil and argan oil helps fight against hair

Capacity : 30ml – 1,01 oz


Haire Mask

Ultra-soft mask which aims to facilitate disentangling, neutralize lime deposits, soften the hair fiber and promote the closure of scales while nourishing them. Apply to clean hair with gentle massages of the hair to promote permeation.

Capacity : 200g – 7,05 oz


Collagen Hair mask

Revitalizing mask with natural extracts of vegetable collagen, shea butter and noble
vegetable oils; deeply nourishes and strengthens your hair. Also has a favorable
impact on hair growth and fixes the color in the case of colored hair.

Capacity : 200g – 7.05 oz


Revitalizing Styling Cream Anti hair loss

With a creamy texture, both light and melting, the styling anti-hair loss cream
revitalizes brittle and dry hair, preventing it from falling thanks to its hydration and
the repair of split ends. An ideal formula for gently sculpting a hairstyle.

Capacity : 100ml – 3,4 oz


Styling Cream Nourishing

With a light and melting cream texture, this keratin styling cream nourishes and
balances the hydration of the hair, contributes to their strengthening and elasticity,
remarkably increases the shine of damaged hair, sculpts and textures hair without
weigh them down.

Capacity : 100ml – 3,4 oz


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