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Cosmetic products based on argan oil

Argalista expert in the sale and manufacture of cosmetic products based on argan oil.

New products

Oriental Body Scrub

Oriental Body Scrub

A gentle and effective care that exfoliates,
purifies and cleanses the skin
depth while stimulating
cell regeneration.

Argalista Product
Radiance Mask

Radiance Mask

A soft and effective mask that
purifies, cleans and gives a
blow your skin.

Capacity: 140g

Active Ingredient...

Argalista Product
After Shave Lotion Touareg Men

After Shave Lotion Touareg Men

Aftershave lotion with a
Male perfume that soothes and
tones the epidermis. Calm the fire
razor, leaves the face soft,
soft ...

Argalista Product
Shaving Soap Touareg Men

Shaving Soap Touareg Men

Prepare optimally
your skin and your beard for
a gentle and careful shave.
This perfumed soap with scents
Masculine is light...

Argalista Product
Make Up Remover

Make Up Remover

For all skin types
even the most sensitive.
Eliminates gently
impurities for a clean skin,
flexible and luminous.

Argalista Product
Lightening Cream

Lightening Cream

This cream
sublimates the radiance of the complexion,
correct stains and warn
their appearance. For all types
of skins.

Argalista Product

The most ordered

Naturel  Argan oil

Naturel Argan oil

Rich in Omega 6 and
vitamin E, argan oil
fight naturally and
effectively against the
aging and
body droughts.
Its hydrating power
and antioxidant compensates
undernutrition of the skin.

Capacity : 50 ml / 100 ml

* Pure argan oil:
-100 ml: 200 dhs
- 50 ml: 100 dhs

* Argan deodorized 50 ml: 120 dhs

* Argan flavored 50 ml: 110 dhs
- oriental flower
- Orange Blossom
- Musk
- Oud
- Rose

Argalista Product
Shampoo Dry Hair

Shampoo Dry Hair

A soft shampoo that improves the appearance of sebum and the hair shaft. This shampoo gently cleanses the scalp giving your hair health and beauty.
- Active Ingredients : Argan oil and mango butter.

- SALE : 200ml - 6.7 fl.oz

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